HubSpot Implementation

We'll take care of everything -  process design, data migration, implementation and training.


Why choose an implementation?

If your business lacks the internal resource or experience with CRMs then go for this option. It includes:

  • A look in to your existing processes before mapping them to HubSpot. 
  • Advice on how to improve efficiencies throughout the buyer journey.
  • A thorough clean of your customer data prior to importing it to HubSpot.
  • Configuration of HubSpot including user set up.
  • Integration with third party tools. 
  • Configuration tailored to your business.
  • Training to get your teams up and running.

Workshops, implementation and training.

Data cleaning and migration from existing system.

We do all the work to implement HubSpot.


How long will it take?

Implementations can take between 45 and 90 days depending on complexity and your teams availability. This is broken down into the following phases.

1. Process

We'll conduct workshops with the goal of creating processes that will harness HubSpot's power.

By the end of this stage, you’ll have:

  • A clearly defined process for your teams.
  • A strategy designed to generate leads.
  • A strategy to prospect and close leads.

2. Data

We understand the importance of accurate and organised data. That's why we focus time on comprehensive data cleaning and migration.

By the end of this stage, you’ll have:

  • A clean and accurate customer database.
  • Accessible data all in one place.
  • Data to extract business insights from.

3. Implement HubSpot

We will meticulously at set up HubSpot in a way that truly aligns to your business. 

By the end of this stage, you’ll have:

  • Your customer data inside a leading CRM platform.
  • The ability to segment your database.
  • Full transparency of your sales pipeline.

4. Training

We'll empower your teams with the resources, knowledge, and training they need to be confident within HubSpot.

By the end of this stage, you’ll have:

  • A team that will enjoy working with HubSpot.
  • A team that can collaborate better.
  • The ability to see bottlenecks in your process.

Transparent pricing

The cost can vary widely depending on several factors such as the complexity of the implementation, the scope of work involved, the size of your business, and any additional customisation or integrations required.
CRM + Marketing Hub
CRM + Sales Hub
CRM + Service Hub
CRM Suite comptab-infoalt7-icon

Examples that highlight the variations between our Light, Medium, and Heavy packages.

  • Light is typically a straight forward data migration and training for teams between 2-6.
  • Medium offers a more intricate data import, integrations with other tools, and assistance for larger teams during onboarding.
  • Heavy is tailored for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions.

These prices serve as an initial guide. For a more precise estimate, feel free to request one from us.


Any questions?

CRM implementations are a big investment so we're happy to spend time answering any questions you may have. Alternatively see the common questions asked below.
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“Adam has extensive knowledge of the HubSpot tool and has used his sales experience to understand our business processes and help get the most out of HubSpot for our organisation.”
Matt Wright

Southern Communications


What do clients say?

“Adam is a guru when it comes to HubSpot. He has helped us integrate HubSpot into our processes - from data capture through to building a sales pipeline and integrating email marketing. We started with zero knowledge - and Adam has really helped take use through step-by-step.”
George Owen
Managing Director, ITCH Media
“We have had the pleasure of working with Adam on our HubSpot account to improve our sales, marketing attributions, payments and more. His level of commitment and expertise has been nothing short of exceptional. Adam approaches our account with the same precision and dedication as if it were his own business, demonstrating a genuine care for our needs and objectives.”
Andrea Struckmeier
Marketing Director, LifeBooks
“I’d highly recommend the team. They just ‘get it’. Their knowledge of HubSpot and marketing make them a ‘no brainer’ as a partner to improve a company’s marketing efforts.”
Martin Saunders
Managing Director, Rivertrace
“Adam is clearly an expert in HubSpot and has been extremely easy to work with. He works quickly and professionally, working both to a brief and bringing new ideas.”
Richard Jeffs
Owner, YellowWork
Adam was really helpful with the solutions he offered to our HubSpot implementation problems. I expect we'll come unstuck again soon, and will be quick to contact Adam when we do!
Elliot Rutherford
Managing Director, Undisclosed
"Working with Adam was an absolute joy! Not only was he able to hit the ground running, I was able to learn along the way. Highly recommend working with B2B, thanks again!"
Amanda Townsend
Director, Pharus Training
Learning with Adam brings together growth, skills, and capabilities into a personalised, strong and creative problem - solving experience. HubSpot was new to our company - we really enjoyed informative and tailor - made sessions with Adam.
Daria Kirkham
Warehouse Manager, AccessSafe
I cannot recommend CLOSED WON enough. Working with Adam has been easy and stress free, he understands our business and is able to interpret and implement our ideas and requests quickly. Even when I'm not 100% sure how something can be achieved, Adam works with me to ensure that HubSpot functions as we need.
Lisa Louzado
Business Support Manager, Rivertrace